About Us

What Denver Presents, Inc. is All About:

We are nationally contracted with some of the largest retailers in the world and are able to do the majority of our promotional events inside those retail spaces. Since we have been able to create such large revenue returns for our clients with our promotions, we are expanding our company reach like crazy!

In order to insure our clients get the best promotional service possible, we’ve created an in-store direct marketing approach paired with our dedicated team of brand representatives. With our hands-on approach at our promotional events, this helps the consumer see how our products can help enrich their lives and contribute to their overall satisfaction.

serveattachment.ashx.jpegKnowing What Consumers Want:

We have worked within a wide variety of industries, including food and cooking equipment, beauty and personal care, cleaning products and music technology. Through this experience working with the variety of products, it has showed us we market to a consumer base that are already in the “buying” frame of mind. Our approach allows consumers to interact with your brand in a way that online and other platforms do not. The hands-on experience of a product is second to none, and is much more likely to encourage potential consumers to purchase.

Additionally, the promotional prices that we provide for consumers are beneficial for both new and existing customers. New customers are introduced to a brand that they haven’t tried before through the promise of a great offer, while loyal consumers are rewarded for their repeat purchases with a reduced price on their favorite products. The campaigns that we create here at Denver Presents, Inc. cater for all types of consumers, and that’s how we achieve results time after time.

Begin a Career:

In order to continue our expansion here at Denver Presents, Inc., we are dedicated to finding and training future executives to help promote our brand and direct marketing approach. With our relationships with our retailers, the sky is the limit to our potential growth in the greater Denver area. By starting someone at the ground level and teaching and training them through our program, we insure someone’s success.