About Us

What Denver Presents, Inc. is All About

In order to maximize awareness of your brand, we create in-store and on-site sales and marketing campaigns that focus on the direct, personable approach of a knowledgeable team of brand representatives. This helps the consumer to see how your products can help enrich their lives, rather implementing a campaign, which treats every consumer as though they have the same needs. Through using targeted, personalized sales and marketing promotions, we can both reach out to new consumers and maintain relationships with current ones. This means that, here at Denver Presents, Inc. we expand and deepen your consumer base.

The Best Brand Management in the Industry

We understand the importance of thinking about the long-term when it comes to planning a campaign. The sales and marketing campaigns that we plot are just the tip of the iceberg – they allow us to get your products into the right hands. However, this alone isn’t enough, which is why we focus on creating a lasting, sustainable and marketable brand image. This image is the aspect of your brand that will build a broad consumer base, and will keep customers coming back for years to come.

Because we consider both the immediate and the long-term effects of our campaigns, here at Denver Presents, Inc. we consistently deliver high-quality results that go above and beyond the expectations of our clients. As such, we are always searching for new candidates to join our team and help us to continue our work.

serveattachment.ashx.jpegKnowing What Consumers Want

We have worked within a wide variety of industries, including food and cooking equipment, beauty and personal care, cleaning products and music technology, and our experience has taught us that all consumers, regardless of the product they’re buying, want the same thing. They all want a real person to interact with, instead of sitting in front of a computer screen. That’s why all our campaigns utilize in-store and on-site sales and marketing techniques – it allows consumers to interact with your brand in a way that online and other platforms do not. The hands-on experience of a product is second to none, and is much more likely to encourage potential consumers to buy.

Additionally, the promotional prices that we provide for consumers are beneficial for both new and existing customers. New customers are introduced to a brand that they haven’t tried before through the promise of a great offer, while loyal consumers are rewarded for their repeat purchases with a reduced price on their favorite products. The campaigns that we create here at Denver Presents, Inc. cater for all types of consumers, and that’s how they achieve results time after time.

Begin a Career

Our team is constantly expanding. Our commitment to incredible customer service and unbeatable client satisfaction has allowed us to develop an untarnished reputation, and as such we are always being approached by new clients. This means that we can continue to welcome new team members to Denver Presents, Inc., and to offer wonderful opportunities for career progression.